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Your Flex-Friend, Danbo by Hiba Ali
Your Flex-Friend, Danbo by Hiba Ali

Your Flex-Friend, Danbo by Hiba Ali

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Meet your flexible-friend, Danbo. Working at a highly-surveilled warehouse, Danbo tries to camouflage with other boxes around him. Part-zombie, part-flesh, part-tree, Danbo is very tired of being exploited for their labor, and due to their gender, race, and class. Danbo is usually chatting with others to collectivize and unionize for a better life. Come hang out with us!  (edition of 50) 

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Hiba Ali is a producer of moving images, sounds, couture and words. They reside in many time zones: Chicago, Toronto and Eugene, Oregon. Ali’s current work as a Ph.D. candidate in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University examines womyn of colour’s labour and the architecture of surveillance within the monopoly of, Inc. They are an Assistant Professor of New Media Artist/Feminist Discourse at the College of Design at the University of Oregon, and their work has been presented in cities including Berlin, Chicago, Dubai, Istanbul, New York, São Paulo, Stockholm and Vienna amongst others.